We did live in interesting times


Plastic, Lights, and Electronics.


Today it’s hard to say that we, especially the productive generation, could be doing better. When the percentage of anxiety subjects becomes foremost in the population, it should be associated with something structurally behind it all. Some live to fight another day, battling uncertainty and the illusion of free will.

It even takes extra effort to fall asleep peacefully. Move from one crisis to another, armed with the knowledge that the nervous system and body chemistry can be controlled externally. Again, antianxiety consumption is the right choice.

From a causal basis, the use of antianxiety is closely related to crises and recessions on a wider scale. In the domestic landscape, the increasing use of mood-altering drugs is becoming so common that it can be read as a representative object, a marker for wishful thinking of comfort. An icon appears from behind its original function.

Ultimately, the symptoms that foster doubts about a better tomorrow are increasing. The phrase “it is better to be an animal living in peace than a human living in a time of chaos” seems true.