The Backdrops

Thr Backdrops is a virtual walkthrough. Navigate yourself through the virtual world built with captured objects from the real world using point clouds and a game engine.

Water runs through and connects everything from the cloud to the ground, including inside ourselves. It gracefully provides our essential needs through the hydrological cycle to bring drought back to life. For instance, Monsoon is the goodness of nature, But for some people, it incarnates a potential setback. Climate change disrupts weather patterns, making surface water increasingly unpredictable. For the sake of Anthropocentrism, this earth has been through a lot. Humans enact harmful practices of domination over the natural world. Environmental damage always has been tied closely with it and acted like a snowball. I came from a tropical country is situated under the equator. Despite its climate differences, Sure we do face the same serious challenges.

This work examines remnants of the human and nature relationship around me from decayed human-made objects. With the help of a gaming engine, point clouds, and photogrammetry technology, I can capture things in my surroundings and make them present in the digital space. I tried to capture the sign of our tension with nature, such as corroded iron, damaged concrete, potholes etc. The backdrops present a scenery of props mash-up of our screenplay in this nature with the scenario where we as humans continue what we are currently doing.

With this walkthrough in the virtual space, I try to emulate the changing climate, the reasons behind it, and the human relationship to the ecosystem. Or perhaps, these urban details that re-emerged as game objects will be a reminder that we did not live alone on this planet, whether it’s the living or the non-living, and we cannot continue as we are…..or we will?


OS: Windows10 (64-bit versions)
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1050ti or better
Storage: 2 GB available space

Special Thanks to Digital Arts Studio Belfast and British Council Artist for Residence Program that made this work happen.