Posthuman Series

Computers radically alter the old Millenium human beliefs and elevate technology to becoming a major power in human life, which indirectly revolutionize the concept of life and body. From the virtual to the physical body, from cultural beliefs to the virtual incarnation, the identity of the community began to fade, a new gender began to emerge and the other values began to disappear where the society is now very dependent on the digital world faced biner code.

The term of post-human derived from the post-human manifesto by Steve Nichols in 1988 where the term is commonly used to describe the differences and complexities expectations of life and identity of the people of the 21st century, where social progress and technology in the 20th century established that the current human condition can not be utilized fully and robotics is the solution in the next century.

The manifestation of human thought in this post can be interpreted as a redefinition of the term ‘human being’, as we live in a world with technological advances in it. With the rapid advances in this technology, the post-human discourse that appear like science fiction and description has almost become a reality in their daily lives.

Dalam Angan Agenda Kemajuan #1, #2, #3
Charcoal on Canvas. 250 x 150 cm.2016
Prosa Melawan Takdir
Single Channel Video. 2016