Friksi Series

Friksi; Retensi Komune
24 photo series, 20 x 20 each, bacteriogram, Digital Print on Photo Paper. 2016

Friction Series

The project started by when I found a couple of celluloid film albums from 1970 in the flea market that contains a subject of daily lives of a village in the rural area and located aside of river estuary in southern of the urban city. The album led me to the further in-situ observation of the current daily lives of the local people there, where I found a stagnation of their lives from 1970 until now and they have a bigger challenge for them at present.

This work is about the friction of urban growth and rural people who live on the outskirts of the city. Where the river flows through from the northern part of the city to the south where the estuary is located and filled by urban residues. I took the water sample from the estuary and grow the bacteria colonies over the old celluloid films.

Friksi; Canggaan Komune
8 photo series, 20 x 20 each, Bacteriogram, Digital Print on Photo Paper. 2016
Friksi; Mikro
Single Channel Video.2016
Termin Bermukim, Terbenam Retak
Video Installation.2016