Fragmen Teritorial #2

Territory fragments #2 is an audiovisual Installation using a Microbial Fuel Cell as the ‘heart’ of the work.

In this work, I utilize the process of the transformation of organic matter to electricity from microbial fuel cells as biodata. A single cell can produce electricity of around 0.3v.

The mud for a microbial fuel cell was taken from the riverbed of the Citarum River, a river located in the southern area of Bandung. The condition of the river is quite polluted because it is an industrial district.

Using serial communication from a microcontroller, I transform the oscillating data from microbial fuel cells into sound, visual, and lights.

I was captivated by the urban decay around us. For me, it symbolizes our struggle with nature. Using photogrammetry, I can capture an object from the physical world into point cloud data.

With Touchdesigner, a visual programming tool. I use the data to process the point cloud visual data generatively.

With data from microbial fuel cells. I made the point clouds object oscillate between form and deform.

Image Courtesy NTU GDAP 2022 Committee